The Definitive Guide To Building a Winning Company Culture

"It's time to embrace change, to transform company cultures and build exemplary companies that employees love, customers adore and the world admires."

--Ashok Miranda

Author, Culling Culturitis

Business Transformation Architect

Founder of Transform and Transcend

With massive disruption, rapid change, a hyper-competitive marketplace, and shifting employee expectations, companies need a new operating system to succeed in this challenging business environment.


The old ways of running a company aren't effective anymore! 

Culling Culturitis, provides a new company operating system to run a successful business in the digital age. As a business leader, owner, founder or HR professional, this book empowers you with the insight and tools to create a winning company culture. It's a game changer for businesses looking to sustain their competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment. 

Here are the benefits, insights and transformation you get from the book...

Spot toxic culture issues and fix them fast

Learn to recognize the tell-tale signs of culturitis. How to spot, the early signs of toxic culture infestation and how to take corrective action fast. How to nip things in the bud and clear the path for a culture reboot.

Introducing the ADCOE Culture Transformation Blueprint

A step by step guide to creating your winning company culture. Learn how to craft your company, employee, product and customer codes. How to hire for culture fit, motivate and energize your teams and and create highly engaged and passionate employees.

Build the dream business you always wanted

How to align your team around a noble mission and build your dream business that stands for a greater good beyond your products and services. How to create an exceptional workplace which attracts and retains top talent. Where creativity and innovation flourish and where you lead change and not react to it.

Meet The Author...

Ashok Miranda is a Business Transformation Architect and the founder of Transform and Transcend. Ashok transforms businesses for success in today’s disruptive digital age. He delivers game-changing insights on company culture, branding, marketing, and customer experience. He is passionately committed to building purpose-driven companies with strong cultures and customer-centric brands that are relevant to today’s hyper-connected digital economy.


Ashok is a much sought-after speaker, consultant and trainer. He is regularly invited to speak and conduct his transformative workshops and master classes at major industry conferences, and seminars across Southeast Asia. He also is a guest lecturer and conducts master classes at Singapore’s top universities, startup accelerators and the Singapore Chambers of Commerce.


He has led diverse teams and won multiple global awards for his creative campaigns during his corporate tenure with leading global media companies, Walt Disney Television, and Sony Pictures Television.


Ashok’s inspiring talks and training programs have sparked change and transformed thousands of business leaders, owners, founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. He is passionately committed  to architecting a better business world, with purpose-driven companies that truly stand for something and make a positive difference in peoples' lives.

Praise for the book...

An important book for our challenging times. Provides compelling insight that business leaders need to transform their companies and stay relevant.



Irene Low

Asst Secretary General, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A fascinating read. Culture is something leaders think about a lot but generally put on the back burner. The culture transformation process described in book, is a great motivator to build an exemplary culture.

Christopher J. Williams

Managing Director and VP, APAC, Expedia Affiliate Network

Ashok Miranda's storytelling is refreshing and captivating. His passion to help leaders build strong cultures comes shining through 



Iqbal Jumabhoy

CEO, BlackBook Hotels

Culling Culturitis is a comprehensive culture creation guidebook drawn from Ashok's rich corporate and consulting experience. An invaluable book for business leaders and HR professionals. Highly reccommended.

Seto Lok Yin

Deputy Principal, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Ashok has demystified company culture and probed deep into what creates successful companies. Make this book your go-to-guide to designing your dream company.



Jefrey Gomez

Managing Director, APAC, Econsultancy

Solid advice for firms on how to innoculate themselves against Culturitis. We now have a new term for toxic culture disease, and the wisdom to spot the infestations.



Mark Edwards

Former CEO, dnata Singapore

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